Monday, November 22, 2010

When U&U have a walk in the park...

It was one sunny day when we decided to have a walk so we could have a talk about Ujie & Ullfia - the brand.

No!!! It's not just a plain walk...We were working on the latest collection & we were photographing..errrr the correct word is we were being photographed!!!

Yes dear..for the time being, we are our own brand ambassadors!!! We carry our own brand's image, in & out.

So, don't miss the train...the new arrivals are on the Sale Blog now!!!

or you dollies can find us on our facebook page;

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bukan buat-buat busy...

Assalamualaikum dearies...

Yes, u heard me right..bukan sengaja buat-buat busy..tapi memang tak cukup masa,kaki & tangan mengejar kerja2 yang tak pernah habis.

Errr..doesn't it sound so unproactive??Masa Allah bagi semua 24 jam,tak lebih tak kurang, dua tangan & dua come other people tak merungut but me????? Oh, MashaAllah...please forgive me ya Allah for being kufur dengan nikmat Mu..jadikanlah aku antara orang2 yang bersyukur dengan kurniaanMu...


Pening jugak fikirkan on how to bring up Ujie & Ullfia ni ke mata dunia..(chewahhhhh)..hehehe

Till then, u guys wait & see..and you better hope for something surprisingly beautiful for you ladies out there!!!!

Take care dudesssss....

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekend Greeting


Hi Ujie will be off to Penang for a short stay. Saje nak unwind sikit. Seeing the progress of all those business card & flyer..hopefully can get them ready before 30th. Need to bring all those things along for printing in our next trip.

Inshaallah ladies, Ujie & Ullfia is planning to come out with our own exclusive design & brand but we are still in the discussion stage with a few suppliers & factories. You know, it has to be in bulk order so there goes a lot of bargains this & that, but if not too soon inshaallah by next year (which month???) Ujie & Ullfia will be on the line.

Beautiful ladies up there,
Enjoy your weekend with your beloved ones!!! Cheers

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Photoshoot oh Photoshoot


Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah for all the job done well today. Even though there was a bit kelam-kelibut after the photoshoot, but Allah is Most Justice, everything settled.

We arrived at "the venue" about 8.40am, still quite early but Mr.SunShiny seems to brighten-up our day a little bit early, so we decided to do an interior-shooting instead of doing it outside by the lake. Furthermore, we think it is more practical & convenient since we can change & shoot the picture at the same place, without have to go in & out and seems like nobody can take care of our belongings, which is yes...tons of it..(for a less than 10 pairs of outfits, you can see there were 5 pairs of shoes, a LOT of brooches, I don't know how many colours of lipstick but at the end of the end, we only wear 1 colour from the beginning of the photoshoot till the end..haha).

Ouhhh, you must be wondering, for what magazine did we deal with today right?? Ooopppssss we have to tell you, we just apply the system of MULTI-TASKING in our business, AS MUCH AS WE CAN DO.... We don't find it a big deal for not having a pro photographer with an arm-length zoom DSLR just to capture a sweet faces like us...(read this sentence at your own risk..if your nausea persists, please consult your doctor)..No lah, as you can see, we just at the of course the phrase like "cost-cutting, tight budget, economical, dan yang sewaktu dengannya, are always in our head. Inshaallah, once the business grows, the cost also gets higher.

After the photoshoot, we run to the nearest Mamak Stall in Manjalara, for a breakfast. Thanks to Rizal for the Nasi Lemak. (Rizal is Ullfia's DH). Ullfia bring her lappy so we just went through viewing the picture, just to make sure everything was ok. Then, Ullfia sent me to my sis's crib while she returned to her office. Hours later, I was talking with my sis about the photoshoot and wanted to show her the pictures taken. Then...mashaallah...WHERE ALL THE PICTURES GONE??? Oh my God..oh my God......I then call Ullfia & asked whether she copied the picture to her lappy & deleted the one in the SD Card, but she really seems me too!!! Aiiiyaaaaaaaaaaa...then only we felt sooooooo penat doing the photoshoot, suddenly thought about the sweating, planning & goshhhh...there goes our excitement, turned into something like Grrrrrrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sister said, it happened to her once before, but they brought the SD Card to the Kedai Gambar, they managed to trace back all the gone pics. So, on my way back home, I drop by kedai gambar, and Alhamdulillah..nothing is wrong with the memory card nor the camera..So, why is that happening??Is it just some sort of cardiovascular excercise?? don't want to long as all the proofs of the event are still there..

Thank you Allah.....

Where are the place???? For you to find....hehehe

Tuesday, October 19, 2010



Alhamdulillah, the progress is doing good, we guess. The process of re-branding our business is on the right path, heading forward to our trip to Jakarta early of next month. Sometimes, we have so many ideas to put into this beloved business & most of times we get what else should we do, what should we be, what image should we portray, what label should we carry, and so and so and so... We guess, that is common to be felt by any business owner who yet just about to begin her new journey, are we right?? (Ouuhhh please say so so that we can feel like being part of the crowd..haha).

The process of designing a logo, we could say is almost done. But, a proper artwork is needed. The Black-White-Red-Grey combination is just..purrrfectt (to us if not to others). The RED really bring out the TOUGHNESS in us, the courage & the symbol of "dare to challenge" (even though in reality..takutttttttt). Of all, the new logo looks exclusive & matured but yet simple. We loikeee.......

So now, we only have about 2 weeks to settle on the itinerary of the trip, costing & budgeting, finalization of brochure & business card design..(goshhhh we still couldn't find the right printing company in Jakarta..should we just walk-in & expect a 2-days completion of work upon arrival???)

We really hope our in-coming stocks would please you..our we promise to give out the best to you..It goes well with the new logo..and the motto..

It's YOU and only YOU